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Been there, done that, drank all the cider: Clockenflap 2013

2 Dec

clockenflapWell that’s it for another year. After three days, 30,000 visitors, over 100 bands and thousands of pints of cider, we bid farewell to Clockenflap 2013. This year was my second time at Hong Kong’s one and only festival and it’s definitely getting better – line-up and organisation wise – but not without one or two schoolboy errors.

Still, if you live in Hong Kong and decided not to go on a gloriously sunny weekend you should be asking some pretty serious questions of yourself. Even if you don’t particularly like live music and/or have kids. Seriously…

In the end we left happy, drunk and pretty much broken on Sunday night, so I’d say job well done Clockenflap. 2ManyDJs played us out perfectly in beats and whirrs and pounding pounding techno music by way of Kavinsky, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, MGMT, New Order and too many others to remember.

Rather than ramble on any longer, here’s my Top 10 Haps on the ‘Flaps:

1)     International school kids don’t know how to queue, or get drunk gracefully. They do, however, know how to talk loudly whilst wearing skinny jeans

2)     No festival should EVER run out of cider on the second day. Thankfully normal service resumed on Sunday.

3)     There’s no better backdrop to a music festival anywhere in the world. You can keep your rolling green fields of cow shit Glastonbury, I’ll take the neon-lit urban chaos of Hong Kong harbour front thanks.

clockenflap silent disco

4)     Someone at the Flaps needs to take a course in sound engineering. Poor old Metric had a bit of a rough time on Sunday eve.

5)     10pm is way too early to end a festival, but being 20 minutes from home is bloody brilliant.clockenflap 2013 crowd

6)     If you’re going to market free water machines as part of the event, better make sure they actually work.

7)     Nile Rogers wrote a few songs mind didn’t he? Diana Ross to Daft Punk via David Bowie in just under 90 minutes. Legend.

8)     Can we have more outdoor music in Hong Kong please? It’s not like they’re doing anything else with that piece of parkland-cum-waste ground in West Kowloon.

9)     Cider tastes 100 times better outdoors, lying in the sun, listening to indie music.

10)  Why can’t more DJs be as good as 2ManyDJs?

duk ling hong kong

lights clockenflap

bar sign

hitchcock mask

There are more pictures and vids here. See you at BloHK Party!

Sonic Mania desu!

20 Aug

sonic mania shotWhat do you get if you stick several world-class electro DJs in a gigantic conference centre, fill it with 20,000 crazy Japanese yoofs and fill each one of them with far too much booze? SONIC MANIA DESU! Saikooooo!

Never having been to a Japanese festival or even club night before, I was slightly dreading this all-nighter in the Tokyo suburbs. It certainly was an evening full of surprises. Just 690 Yen and 38 minutes from Tokyo Station, Makuhari Messe is a beast of a building about the size of three Earl’s Courts. More commonly home to Japanese Jeremy Clarkson wannabes at the capital’s auto-shows, the venue did not look particularly appealing for a gig, but actually a storming sound system and up-for-it crowd made it feel more like Alexandra Palace on a good night.

I think the idea was the best of Japanese + the best of international musics, so true to form we eschewed the local stuff and focused on those old favourites Soulwax/2ManyDJs and Basement Jaxx. Despite some dodgy Japanese MC-ing, the latter were actually pretty good – the Noodle not being a fan of their own tunes. Sadly there was no time to haul ourselves to see other promising French electro music-makers like Surkin, Para One and Madeon – the Messe being a victim of its own size.

So. Highlights of the night? A man staggering through the crowd at 2ManyDJs with a half-eaten bowl of udon; a massive queue at every bar which, true to form, was almost non-existent by about midnight; being able to see over most heads to the stage; a sea of bodies asleep on the tarmac by 4am, brutalised by too much Asahi and fried octopus balls…

So was it Manic? Well, once the initial euphoria had passed and we realised the most dangerous thing we could do there was smoke a contraband cigarette and get largered, yeah, it was a bit. You know how you’ll always get a token couple of Japanese girls at any club in London, dancing badly, looking bored? Well, here there are thousands of them and they’re bloody loving every minute.

For the sheer balls-out, pissed-up, good natured crowd, shamefully nice food and wicked music, Sonic Mania, I salute thee! Kampai…