Tony the Lionheart nearly nabbed in the Honkers

22 Jun

blair the war criminalSometimes things happen in Hong Kong, not often mind you, that are so wonderfully bizarre you can almost forgive the ubiquitous French bankers, flying, thumb-sized cockroaches and, well, Lan Kwai Fong.

Such an occasion occurred last Thursday, when a blogger, activist and local, Tom Grundy, attempted a citizen’s arrest of Tony Blair as he took the stage at Hong Kong University.

It was probably the most polite and peaceful citizen’s arrest attempt you’re ever likely to see, but fair play to him for trying. As Grundy explains in his blog, Tony the Lionheart was about to begin spouting his usual torrent of egotistical, self-righteous claptrap to the assembled masses, this time with a focus on faith and the part it has played in his life.

Presumably Blair’s approach to faith goes a little something like this:

TB: So, God. Ya’know, I’ve been talking to George and we really think, ya’know, that it would be for the best if we invaded Iraq.

God: Well, that doesn’t sound very Christian Tony. I mean, I’m pretty much over all that angry Old Testament stuff now. What have they done to you?

TB: Well, we think there might be some weapons an’ that, cos, ya’know, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a bad egg in charge there and….well, I just wanted to let ya know, anyway. Good talking. Kthanksbye.

God: Tony? Tony? TONY!!!

Anyway, take a look at the video to see the Blair Tit Project squirm, ever so slightly, before regaining his composure and spouting some drivel about how “that’s democracy for ya folks” and “I’m pretty used to this sort of thing”.

Minor footnote. If “this sort of thing” is getting pretty common nowadays, maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting a decent lawyer mate.

I personally am looking forward to the day that Teflon Tony is forced into Polanski-style exile from the West. Even though he probably couldn’t care less if a few countries put out arrest warrants for him, at least it would limit the number of places he can take his preachy, after-dinner speaking road-show.

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