Random pics #1

21 Mar

So I was wandering along Bonham road for about the 100th time since I got to Hong Kong and realised I hadn’t posted any photos on my little blog. So here are a few. Before you judge, bear in mind most were taken drunk or with me farting around with the settings on Instagram/PuddingCam…

three stone buddas

So…what about these three guys then, what’s their story, huh?

secret garden in central

 Secret garden I found right in the middle of Central…not very secret at all really


I bloody love the shutters over here

hong kong buildings

Old Hongkers…

roadside shrine
Every shop seems to have a little shrine outside

hk city scape

First BBQ of the season, behind the camera


This guy’s apparently a dick. Even for a politician…

sunset hk

Something approaching sunset from Ap Lei Chau. Beautiful factory on the horizon…

 Temple street

temple street old building

Still think this would make a good bar….Temple St


Absolutely no idea

park fish

Aren’t parks in Hong Kong lovely? Not a crack whore in sight…

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