Ten things I now know about Hong Kong…

20 Feb

hong kong panoramaHong Kong is a great place, but there are some things I wished I’d known before I arrived. In no particular order:

1) Security guards smell horrible.

2) Politicians are sly little f***ers. I mean, I know they all are, but seriously, If you’re a politician in HK and you’re in trouble with the press, just blame the wife. It works for everything from housing illegal underground structures to money laundering.

3) There are a LOT of bankers, I mean the French…actually, they’re the same thing really.

4) The locals are pretty polite until they get in a car. You WILL get honked at in Honkers.

5) If you don’t like ambient house or jazz funk then leave or be prepared to stick your headphones on in the bar.

6) Don’t ride the buses if you’re feeling queasy.

7) Public transport is insanely cheap – TFL should probably tear up London and start again.

8) There’s free Wi-Fi in just about every bar, restaurant and public space, it just doesn’t often work.

9) There’s no such thing as a gentle stroll in Hong Kong.

10) Some of the shortest people I have ever seen stroll the streets of Sai Ying Pun.

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